History of Schramm, Inc.


Founded in 1900 by Chris Schramm, Schramm, Inc. is a closely held, privately owned Pennsylvania corporation that originally manufactured engine driven machinery and portable air compressors. In the 1950’s Schramm pioneered air flush drilling and in the 1970’s focused engineering and manufacturing operations on production of top head drive mobile drilling equipment.

Today, Schramm, Inc. is a century-old Chester County, Pennsylvania manufacturer and global supplier to the hydraulic drill industry, focusing on land based applications. Specializing in mobile, top-head hydraulic rotary drilling rigs, we supply to companies in the mining, energy, geothermal and water sectors worldwide. Over 75 percent of our revenues come from export sales, with global reach including major market positions in China, Chile, Brazil, Australia, Russia and South Africa.

Schramm approaches all its domestic and international transactions with an emphasis on long term customer relationships, which means establishing a direct relationship with the end-user. This approach facilitates each transaction, but also establishes a fundamental user-satisfaction with products that are frequently valued in the millions of dollars. Our company has been most successful in markets where we have key partners on the ground to promote and represent the company with appropriate cultural sensitivity and friendship.
Everything we do is dedicated to meeting the needs of the drilling contractor. Driven by contractor requirements, Schramm personnel design and manufacture products around the traditions of superior quality, innovation and flexibility. Utilizing the capabilities of computer aided design workstations and a fully integrated manufacturing process capability; contractor ideas are transformed into drilling solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands of the industry.

An important part of Schramm’s competitive advantage is our ability to be at the forefront of technology and drilling industry standards. In a market that has been traditionally slow to adapt to change, we have progressively improved the function and quality of our products to provide world class performance and reliability.