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Schramm Australia Breakout Benches are designed for the breaking out or making up of DTH hammers and tool joints from 4″ to 8″. Each unit is equipped with large Tsubaki Chains that are used to hydraulically anchor the tool joint or DTH hammer to the Carbide Insert jaws that are custom fitted to provide the greatest amount of rotational grip with minimal marking of the cylinder. The anchor chains are incrementally adjustable in 1/2″ increments.

With a dedicated hydraulic 3-phase power-pack as standard, the Schramm Breakout Bench is a stand alone piece of equipment able to be used on site or in the Workshop. All benches are constructed with fork lift pockets and holes to be able to fasten firmly to floor.

Equipped with remote Hydraulic Tripod operation, Junk Trays and trolley style Protection Screen.

Each machine has a 5″ torque cylinder fitted as standard

– Diesel Hydraulic pump unit available in lieu of electric at extra cost.

– 240V 10A option over 3-phase

Breakout Bench brochure coming soon. Please contact Schramm Australia for further information

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