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Product Information

  • Innovative design with simple construction
  • Completely hands free system
  • 3 rod sizes available 2 ½ ” to 5 ½ ” , 3 ” to 7”, 4 ” to 8 5/8”
  • Adaptable to most mast designs
  • Easy to service with only basic tools required


Schramm Australia Breakout – 2 ½ ” to 5 ½ ”

Schramm Australia Breakout – 3 ” to 7”

Schramm Australia Breakout – 4 ” to 8 5/8”

All breakout systems come in single and dual setups.

Hands free operation
The Schramm Australia Breakout Unit is a hands free, full breakout and make-up system, which eliminates the need for tools such as breakout still sons, wrap spanners, petol tongs and enables one man bit changes.

Each unit is able to be custom sized to suit most rigs and is either mounted within an existing mast structure or into an extension frame that is welded onto the base of the mast.

Up to 16,000 of torque available
With the functions of gripping and rotating being controlled by a sequencing manifold, the gripping force is increased automatically as the torque builds up to prevent slipping.

Easy to service
All seals are standard sizes and are readily available. Each unit comes complete with a comprehensive parts list, hydraulic circuit data and operating / servicing instructions. All parts are sourced locally.

Breakout brochure coming soon. Please contact Schramm Australia for further information