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Product Information

  • Considerable fuel savings
  • Reduced wear
  • No sliding contacting parts
  • Designed to suit many different applications

The Schramm Australia Disengage Drive Clutch is a unique patented device, which is installed between an engine and any driven item. The clutch has been built to suit Sullair, Ingersoll Rand, Compair, Atlas Copco, LeRoi and Hurricane Compressors and is often specified on other rig manufactured builds.

The engine and driven item are able to be de-coupled at will, resulting in considerable fuel savings and reduced wear. In the event of a problem in either the engine or driven item, the ability to uncouple the system can make diagnosis much easier.

Unlike conventional clutches, the Schramm Australia Disengage Drive Clutch avoids wear by having no sliding contact parts, whether engaged or disengaged. In addition, a cushioned drive is incorporated into the construction to isolate the driven component from the engines harmonic vibrations.

An air compressor left coupled to the engine uses approximately 25% of the engines fuel and power.

Disengage Clutch brochure coming soon. Please contact Schramm Australia for further information

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