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Schramm Australia brings you the best when it comes to the new EzyLoad Rod Handler, the answer to all your Blast Hole Drill Rod Handling requirements.

We have designed and built a specialised machine to handle your most challenging needs without fail. The EzyLoad transports the rod straight to the drill, removing one more high risk task from your workplace.

Stay current with the need for fast and simple, engineered to last, and completely hands free. The EzyLoad is simple to operate and fits onto any suitable truck mounted crane and is easily removed to allow for normal use.

It is built around adjustability, productivity and performance and engineered to perform in the harshest environments.

With its operating technique, there is no more waiting to do a rod change – Change the rods on the pattern and take the old rods away at the same time.

From 4m to 10m in road length and 4 inch to 9 5/8 inch in rod size, its lifting capacity can hold up to 2200kg.

There are many more benefits of the EzyLoad.
• Turn Key package options
• Remote control keeps personnel away from the work area
• Failsafe operation using patented energise to open system
• No more waiting for a float to transport the drill to the workshop
• Fully automated grease system
• Ezy to replace jaw inserts
• Full training available

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