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Schramm Australia supplies standard high-pressure air compressors and booster compressors, custom built for specialized application in the mineral, gas and oilfield industries. With close affiliations with most of the major compressor manufacturers, we can supply most size or make of machines.

We also provide full repair and diagnostic services for most brands of compressors, booster compressors and compressor equipment. 

Booster Compressors

As the Hurricane Agent in Australia, Schramm Australia supplies a large array of boosters compressors including Nitrogen and cryogenic systems.

We also repair and test most brands of Boosters and carry large stocks of Hurricane Booster parts in Perth and Brisbane. Units can be configured by Schramm to match exact systems to improve efficiency and optimise performance.

Silenced Compressors
Schramm  Australia  specializes in carrying out Silenced Compressor upgrades which convert standard Compressors to silenced units to meet clients or environmental noise standards.

Zone Compressors
For the Gas and Oilfield industries, Schramm provides the services of converting air compressors to Zone Certified machines. This includes explosion proof, flame proof and intrinsically safe units.

Compressor Hire Division
Schramm Australia provides a variety of 100 psi to 1000 psi Compressors at competitive rates for short or long term hire.

Compressor Repair Facility
Staff at Schramm Australia are experts in re-building all major brands of oil-flooded screw, piston type, vane compressors and along long with high-pressure boosters

Hurricane Boosters Brochure:

B4-41/750 (1800cfm) Cummins Powered

B4-41/1000 (1400cfm) Cummins Powered

B7-41/1000 (2160cfm) CAT Powered

B7-42/2175 (1288cfm) CAT Powered

B7-43/4000 (750cfm) CAT Powered

B7-44/5000 (530cfm) CAT Powered

B9-64/5000 (650cfm) CAT Powered

B13-62/2175 (1800cfm) CAT Powered

B13-64/5000 (1050cfm) CAT Powered

B15-62/2175 (2250cfm) CAT Powered

B18-62/2175 (2700cfm) CAT Powered

B18-63/3000 (1900cfm) CAT Powered


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