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Schramm Australia’s  patented Drill Rod Retention System designed to prevent accidental Rod Falls whilst loading and unloading Rods from Rod Loaders. The patented clamping mechanism is controlled by a PLC enabling the system to be intrinsically safe by preventing early or accidental release. Infield testing has shown that Drill Rod tripping time is not affected by the introduction of the Rod Retainers thus increasing safety and not decreasing production.

Rod Retention Clamps
Schramm Australia’s new Rod Retention clamps provide an unparalleled level of safety for your Drilling Operation. Our unique patented design prevents the possibility of a Drill Rod being dropped during loading and unloading of Drill Pipe from the Drill Mast. Suitable for a range of Drill Rigs the Clamps retain the Drill Rods within their intrinsically safe clamps whilst unloading or loading into the Rod Loader. With proximity switches activating the clamping mechanism, and dead man switches to release, the Schramm Rod Retention Clamps provide for the safest method of Loading and unloading Drill Rods.

Field testing has proven that production levels have not been affected, whilst safety standards have been improved.

Rod Retention brochure coming soon. Please contact Schramm Australia for further information