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Horizontal and Directional Drilling – Pad and Conventional Shale Gas, CBM, Oil

Schramm’s new T500XD Telemast® drill rig rated 500,000 lb. hook load is on its way to energy plays around the world in a highly compact package.

It offers best in class 35,000 ft-lbs of top drive torque, third party directional steering interface and 80,000 lbs. of hydraulic pulldown capacity.

Specifically designed for horizontal and directional drilling to a total depth of 15,000 ft. or more, the T500XD can precisely control weight on bit without relying on drill collars and gross string weight alone.

The LoadSafe® XD pipe handling system can handle 24 inch diameter Range III tubulars weighing up to 10,000 lbs. hands free. Drill pipe is racked in the horizontal position for easy loading and offloading, dramatically improving operator safety.

For pad drilling applications, this rig sets a new standard with full 360° walking portability for fast moves from hole to hole without the traditional limits of two axis rail mounted systems.

The T500XD also offers full communication interface connectivity to third party data acquisition providers that utilize the internet or dedicated satellite communications systems to remote operation centers in multiple locations.

With over a decade of proven reliability and more than 200 Schramm patented Telemast® rigs in operation in five continents, our next generation T500XD Telemast® rig offers a highly portable, innovative solution to drilling contractors and E&P firms that demand the highest levels of safety and productivity with minimal environmental impact.

  • 500,000 lbs. (226,796 kg) hook load rig in a portable over the road package
  • 80,000 lbf. (356 kN) hydraulic pulldown for precise weight on bit control
  • Control cabin with joystick controllers for drilling and pipe handling operations
  • Self-erecting in a matter of hours without the use of a crane
  • Power breakout, table and slips maximize safety on the drill floor
  • LoadSafe XD hands-free Range III pipe handling system included
  • Crew of three typical
  • Optional dual fuel configuration available

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