Offering the highest air efficiency, Schramm reverse circulation hammers are designed to increase energy  transmission where it counts at the bit face. As a result, they drill faster, giving you more feet per day at  significantly lower cost. In addition, the inner tube is hardened, top loading and removable without hammer dis-assembly. Adapter subs are available for a wide range of standard configurations.
Hammers are guaranteed for 1,000 psi operation.

Universal Performer Proven in the field to be consistent high performers in all conditions

High Sample Recovery Chip sizes large enough to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding Geologists. Extensive field testing shows that the sample travels freely to the cyclone without blocking the bits or the hammer. More importantly, the bit face is designed to clear samples with minimal regrinding

Deep Hole Reliability Maximum CFM through the hammer with optimal psi clears water and returns a dry sample. The Schramm Hammer has been proven to avoid silting or blocking even in the deepest exploration holes, while still maintaining efficient penetration

Handles Changing Ground Conditions Easily handles running sands, clays, broken ground, hard rock and the difficulties experienced in iron ore exploration

Easy Maintenance Compared to its competitors, the Schramm Hammer has the least number of parts. Designed for simple and easy maintenance in the field it can be quickly broken down and serviced within minutes

Warrantied to 1,000 psig

Product Benefits
Reliability. Minimum or no downtime
Superior performance and overall competitive cost per foot
Wide product range for virtually any application
High quality customer service
Safer, faster and easier designs

Field Support
Experienced “hands on” field support team available to provide answers on site.
Mutual interest in ensuring that our product operates at maximum efficiency at all times.

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