A Schramm Exclusive: Cutting Edge Web-based Document Library…


Available to rig owners and factory authorized servicing distributors, Schramm Rig-ID™ is a modern web based document library that permits password protected access and provides sophisticated search functions for a full range of technical documentation used to support the proper operation and maintenance of Schramm drill rigs anytime, anywhere around the world.

Web based materials are complete, up to date and only as far away as your nearest internet connection, and include serial number specific rig technical details like:

  • Parts books with exploded view details that make component identification easy
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Hydraulic and electrical diagrams
  • Certification documents (API Documentation Packages) if included in original rig purchase scope of supply

Rig-ID™ allows Schramm customers to find technical information visually with an icon driven platform; or search by keywords, descriptions, part numbers, rig serial numbers or model type. Within a few clicks of the mouse, Rig-ID™ helps users immediately access the exact information or factory replacement part they need.

Benefits include:

  • Web based information that can be securely accessed anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Fully indexed and searchable documents down to individual key words or phrases that you use often
  • Documents defined by rig model and rig serial number, permitting you to focus on your specific rig instead of traditional generic information that may not match “as built” or “currently configured” details
  • Content available through mobile devices
  • Ability to satisfy rig commissioning or regulatory compliance inspections with ability to produce specific OEM certification documents immediately

What our customers are saying…

“Over the years I found a lot of difficulties finding rig certifications on major equipment. Rig-ID™ gives us the opportunity to browse through main quality manufacturing certifications by using the web from any destination allowing rig contractors to retrieve valid compliance documentation immediately without an email string.” – Allen Pais, Energy Drilling Australia

“This format is going to be extremely helpful… Schramm’s advances are really on the cutting edge.” – Don Griffin, Keithville Drilling

Full Rig-ID™ functionality is available for new Schramm rigs manufactured after August, 2013; with basic details available for rigs manufactured prior to this date.

To take full advantage of Schramm Rig-ID™, please visit the Schramm homepage and select the Rig-ID™ logo at the top of the screen and follow registration instructions.